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Sessions and Training

RAISE (Raising Awareness in Sex Education) offers a range of flexible and diverse packages for Schools, Youth Centres and PRU's.  Bespoke schemes of work can be created depending on the needs of your pupils or staff CPD.

Primary School SRE

Delivery of SRE in Primary School is paramount to ensure the foundations are set for using appropriate language for body parts and dispelling myths around puberty, birth and how babies are made.  Children need to learn the basics to ensure they are able to keep themselves safe and informed. Age-Appropriate resources and session plans have been carefully developed to ensure sessions can be delivered to pupils in a fun, innovative and enjoyable manner. Parent workshops are always included as part of a Primary PSHE Programme to ensure parents are informed and therefore promote a home/school partnership. Staff workshops and Governor presentations also available.

Secondary School SRE

Programmes of work or one off sessions are available for Secondary age pupils from Year 7 up to Sixth Form.  Some of the most challenging subjects such as the impact of porngraphy  (fantasy v's reality), Healthy Relationships, Consent & Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are delivered effectively and appropriate to the age, understanding and culture of pupils. Sexual Health and Contraception sessions also available and delivered with a range of visual resources.


PRU's & Youth Groups

RAISE can adapt the sessions for different group sizes.  Rebecca has delivered across the UK in Summer Camps, Evening Youth Groups, more recently for the National Deaf Society as part of their Summer Scheme for Deaf Young People.

Staff Training

RAISE receives requests for a range of training needs from Primary SRE curriculum Support,  Child Sexual Exploitation (delivered in Partnership with the HEALS Programme) FGM Awareness, Youth Worker Training and part of whole school CPD staff Inset days. Parent and Governor Traning also available as stand alone workshops or part of your PSHE Package.

Parent Sessions

As part of a comprehensive SRE package Rebecca delivers a complimentary session for Parents.  This session provides parents with information about content their child will receive plus an opportunity to view supporting resources and materials and a chance to ask questions with tips and advice on how to answer difficult questions a child may ask.  Further workshops can be booked for parents to raise awareness of some of the issues children and young people are facing as they go through adolsecence.  Sessions for parents include Sexual health, Puberty, FGM, Online safety and Consent.

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